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The Games

     Because of buggy installation scripts there's some work involved with installing the program.
First download and install this:
Second download and install this:
Third download and extract to C:\Program Files\NukesCards\cards\ this:
     After doing all that you should be able to run the program and can install any of the following games.
     To install a game simply download the .zip file and run the enclosed setup program. The next time you run Nuke's Solitaire add the new game from the options menu.
Calculation A game that requires just that: a lot of calculation. A rather difficult game, in all my test runs I actually only beat it once.
Firing Line A real no brainer, that is super hard to win. All you do is deal out four cards and throw away the low ones in each suit. Pretty easy huh? The goal is to have only the Aces left at the end.
Nuke's Solitaire For lack of a better name I've called it Nuke's Solitaire. It's sort of the same as Klondike(Windows Solitaire) except that all 52 cards are dealt in the beginning, and cards are stacked in decending order by suits. If anyone knows the real name I'ld like to know
Solitaire (Klondike) This is the first game I wrote which mimicks Window's Solitaire.
If you're having any problems with installing the games or have a suggestion of a game I should write, you can write to me at