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The Game

     I was playing Solitaire for Windows one day and decided it looked a little bland. So I set about designing my own. It started out as sort of a side project just to see if I could do it, then it exploded into a huge side project.
     I modified the origional Solitaire game so that you could use different decorative decks of cards. On top of that you can even draw your own cards and use those.
     Then I thought... "Wouldn't it be cool to have some other games to play as well?" And so I set about designing other Solitaire games.
     The next question was... "What about variations on game play?" So there is now the ability for later versions of the same game to incorporate variations
     "What if someone doesn't know how to play a game?" With the odd ball games I was writing there was definately that possibility, so I designed a graphical tutorial.
     Finally I think it's ready to be seen in it's entirety. I've done just about everything I can think of. The only thing left is to write all the games I can find. I've recently bought several books on card games, not just solitaire, eventually I hope to program multiplayer games as well.
     To give you an example of what the differences are, here is a screen shot of the game in action using the Dragon Ball Z deck of cards:

     This solitaire game runs under Windows '95, '98, and NT. Though I've only had opportunity to test it under Windows '95.
To download and play my version of Solitaire check out the Games page.
If you need any help installing or running the program you can e-mail me at