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May 14, 1999 - Okay, complete overhaul of the site... Added the frames, and the fun little M.A.S.K. watch on the left. If you haven't noticed yet, you can "communicate" with Matt by clicking on the screen of the watch. I've changed the tables a lot... They look pretty sweet in Netscape, but kinda suck in Explorer. One of my next projects is to put in javascript to customize them for the different browsers. Finally I need your help. I've got several other characters lined up to "communicate" with, but I need some phrases... I just can't write that many different phrases in all those voices. If you would like to help, you can e-mail me by clicking on the contact button of the watch.
March 22, 1999 - Wow!!! Aren't things pretty slow in the world of MASK?Doesn't look like anyone has done much of anything. I moved the majority of the siteover to Tripod (Sorry about the pop-up window) because they provide me with much morespace for all the pictures I'm trying to accumulate. Posted pictures of the Costume andsome Store Displays thanks to a couple of contributers. Added a new site to the links page.I do have some more toys, but haven't had the opportunity to get images yet, so hopefully the nextupdate will be pretty soon.
July 14, 1998 - Two updates in a week. Boy aren't I ambitious!?I made the file sizes of the pictures in the Stickeralbum alot smaller. I also added a link to it from the front page.This is the first story in the album. Immediately following it are 2 large3D pages and then a second story. Don't expect me to putting those up anytimesoon. I took a lot of long hours to get the first 122 stickers scanned.Plus I've reached the maximum size my web server will allow me, so I'vereduced the size of the figure files. The pictures of the figures are smallerand of less quality now. Please let me know what you think of this. Ifthere is a need I will return them to their origional size and find anotherway to reduce the file size.
July 12, 1998 - Added Scans of the parts from the Rescue MissionAdventure Pack. Also added these graphics for all the different sectionsof the site. Also fixed the background so that it could be continuous.Also added a Stilletto to the trade section. Guessthat's it I'll probably be back next month to update. I seem to have apretty steady schedule.
June 10, 1998 - Added a scan of the BacklashMask(took me long enough to get one). Narrowed the borders on the ToyGuide, just 'cause I like them better that way. Added a buncha newlinks to the links page. Finally put up my wantlist. Fixed alot of the pages that had broken images on them. And nowall the big ol' logoson the top of the pages link back to the indexfor all those people who don't know how to use their browser's back button.Also corrected the last update date. It was May not March.
May 19, 1998 - Added scans of the accessories of the Venom'sRevenge to the guide. And updated the For Trade page. Also didn't mentionit but added a tracker to my site a couple days ago. This is a free tracker,and if you don't have access to stats on your site, I highly recommendthis one, it gives you everything but the color of the users' eyes. It'sthat funny little globe thing on the first page. It's called Extreme Tracking,you can click on the logo on my page to see my stats and sign up for yourown or you can go directly to their site at
April 19, 1998 - Added this What's New Page. Created that tackybackground...The tackier the better right? Added a lot of items to theOther Mask Items page. Will be adding my want list to this page soon. Watchfor it.