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Other M.A.S.K. Items

This page lists all the MASK merchandise not directly associated with the action figures and toys.

M.A.S.K. Colorforms
Play Board
Rhino Rig
Rhino Detachable Vehicle
Jungle Challenge
Boulder Hill
Piranha Bike
Piranha Submarine
Venom's Revenge
M.A.S.K. Board Game
Game Board
2 Dice
4 Playing Pieces
4 Jackhammer Cards
4 Piranha Cards
4 Switchblade Cards
4 Condor Cards
4 Rhino Cards
4 Gator Cards
4 Thunderhawk Cards
8 Boulder Hill Cards
4 M.A.S.K. Cards
8 V.E.N.O.M. Cards
MASK Lunch Box
MASK Thermos
MASK Sticker Album
Warning the Sticker Album is Graphically Intensive. (It Loads Slowly)
MASK Rings (from Kellogs) (if anyone has more information on these please let me know)
Jackhammer Ring
Rhino Ring
MASK Party Pack
Die Cast Thunderhawk
Mask Mugs (apparently from Circle K)(Looking for more info on these as well)
MASK Halloween Costume (Thanks to Chris Thompson for the pic, and his brother for posing)
Matt Trakker
MASK Frame Tray Puzzle (are there more?)
T-Bob Pulling Matt Trakker from a fire!
MASK Puzzles (looking for info)
200 Pieces
MASK Slot Cars
MASK View Master Reels
3 different reels
MASK Store Displays (Thanks to Peter LeRose for pics, now if he would just give them to me :) )
Display Bin Header Card
Counter Display Card
Large MASK Sign